Community Benefit Society formed to secure long term future of The Hourglass.

We’re delighted to announce that our Community Benefit Society, Friends of the Hourglass Inn, Exeter, Limited, commonly known as Ourglass Exeter, has now been formed and registered.

This gives us a legal organisation through which customers and local residents can better help to secure the long term future of The Hourglass, which remains our main aim. We’re looking forward to continuing positive discussions with Stonegate and their representatives.

We will also continue to work with third parties who have a credible plan to operate The Hourglass, protecting its unique place in our local community.

We would like to thank those organisations and individuals who have helped us reach this point – in particular The Plunkett Foundation, CAMRA, The Music Venue Trust, Ben Bradshaw, Exeter City Council, our Ward Councillors, Diana Moore, Exeter Chamber of Commerce, Exeter Connect, the St. Leonards Neighbourhood Association, much loved past landlord of The Hourglass Adam Gardiner – and most importantly over 500 individual customers, local residents and supporters.

In 2020, before this Society was formed, as a group of local residents, we were successful in applying to Exeter City Council for The Hourglass to be recognised as an Asset of Community Value. Since The Hourglass closed we have carried out an extensive survey of hundreds of local residents and  customers which has informed our plans to help secure the long term future of The Hourglass.

Kate Farrell

Lucy Findlay

Mark Fowles

Philip Haines


Friends of The Hourglass Inn, Exeter, Limited





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