Ourglass steering group formed

The first meeting of the Ourglass Exeter steering group was held on 21/06/2021 in order to review options that best help secure the long term future of The Hourglass, and embedding it even more in the local community. The group was formed following the departure of the previous lessees, rumours of permanent closure and the owner’s stated preference for a much shorter term, less secure tenancy.

The steering group consists of Kate Farrell, Lucy Findlay, Mark Fowles, Philip Haines and Vik Mohan, who bring a wide range of complementary skills, as well as a commitment to the successful future of The Hourglass.

Hundreds of people responded to a community survey on the future of The Hourglass, most of whom are patrons of The Hourglass, live locally and support the idea of securing its long term future.

The group has recently been awarded 2.5 days of consulting by the Plunkett Foundation to develop an action plan, help from the Music Venue Trust and local Councillors Diane Moore, Amy Sparling and Carol Whitton, together with MP, Ben Bradshaw.

The action plan will now be developed with a view to establishing a Community Benefit Society that will form a framework for future support of The Hourglass.

A number of meetings with the owners Ei/Stonegate have already been held and the group looks forward to hearing of their plans for The Hourglass and working together in the future.

Last year the local community secured an Asset of Community Value for the Hourglass, which is a Grade II listed building. It was also designated as a Grassroots Music Venue by the Music Venue Trust.

The group can be contacted:

By email at ourglassexeter@gmail.com,

Significant News is posted on the Hourglass website https://www.hourglassexeter.co.uk

Updates are available on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ourglassinexeter

Twitter/Insta: ourglassexeter