Huge local support for the Hourglass

The survey, organised to understand local community support to secure the long term future of The Hourglass, has had a magnificent response with over 99% stating that they would like to see the Hourglass become a community owned pub.


More than that people are very keen to be involved – 73% voluntarily provided their contact details, although the survey was anonymous by choice, 70% expressed an interest in buying shares and 65% offered help, with a wide range of skills.


Many ideas came forward about minor enhancements that could be made, a lot of which included more use of the basement for music and other live performances, public and private community activities.


Hundreds of participants completed the survey, but it is important to underline that this primarily came from existing customers of The Hourglass and other local residents. 98% of respondents had visited The Hourglass, 73% live within walking distance, 92% had been there to eat and 22% had attended live music events.


The Hourglass was the epitome of a LOCAL – and that is what the future should be about – not another soulless, pubco/property co/private equity co owned building in the middle of a strong residential community.


The next steps will include forming a steering group to see if this community aspiration can be brought to reality. Organisations like the Plunkett Foundation, CAMRA, the Music Venue Trust, together with support from our local Councillors, Diana Moore, Carol Whitton and MP, Ben Bradshaw have already provided us with help in these very initial stages.


Thanks so much to everyone for their participation so far – now the work begins.